Cannon Fencing Academy

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This Intermediate Program consists of 2 group classes per week, which are 1.5 hour long each. 

It is recommended that fencers begin to take private lessons a few months into the program.

Each group lesson in this Intermediate level fencing class starts with a warm up, in which our coaches implement elements of a game depending of the age of the class. After warming up, the fencers will work on different elements of technique, drills, foot and hand work, target work, drills and fence using the electric equipment.

In addition, there is a lot of fencing against more advanced fencers, so fencers at the intermediate level are more challenged and develop better skills and confidence. 

Intermediate Program Structure

Intermediate Fencing Program Costs

The cost of intermediate level fencing program is $155.00 per month.

USA Fencing is the governing body of all fencing activity in the United States.  Per USA Fencing requirements, every fencer that establishes membership with CFA must become a member of USA Fencing to be covered by insurance.  New fencers should register here and show membership at the first class.  Non-competitive USA Fencing membership costs  $10 per fencing season. Fencers can upgrade to the USA Fencing competitive membership level prior to first competition ($70 per season). Season goes from August 1 through July 31st.

In general, the Intermediate level fencing program lasts 2 to 24 months, but the coach will decide when to recommend moving the fencer on to the next level of advanced fencing based on athlete’s readiness (in physical, competence and mental levels).

Program Duration

​​Intermediate Fencing

The Intermediate program is for fencers who have completed the Beginner Program or fenced before and need to refresh their skills.  Intermediate level program covers:

  • Work on improving hand- and footwork
  • Better distance control
  • Improving technical skills
    • Parry reposts, disengages, beat and bind attacks
  • Introduction to electrical fencing
  • Better understanding of fencing rules
  • Increased drill exercises
  • Better offensive and defensive skills
  • Initial understanding of fencing tactics

Introduction to Fencing

​Intermediate Program