*** The Advanced Camp is for fencers who have completed the Intermediate Camp/Intermediate Program or fenced for a minimum of 3 years or by invitation by the coach.  Advanced level camp covers:

  • Advanced fencing physical conditioning
    • ​footwork
    • finger, hand and arm strengthening
  • Advanced distance drills
  • Complex drill exercises​
  • Improvement of fencing strategy and tactics
    • ​initial action by opponent - what counter actions are available

​Fencers will be taking notes on strategies and tactics as we progress with the camp day-by-day.  


** The Intermediate Camp is for fencers who have completed the Beginner Camp/Beginner Program or fenced before and need to refresh their skills.  Intermediate level camp covers:

  • Work on improving hand- and footwork
  • Better distance control
  • Improving technical skills
    • Parry reposts, disengages, beat and bind attacks
  • Introduction to electrical fencing
  • Better understanding of fencing rules
  • Increased drill exercises
  • Better offensive and defensive skills
  • Initial understanding of fencing tactics

* The Beginner Camp is designed for students of ages 6-18 and any physical condition who have never fenced before.  This fencing program introduces participants to the sport of fencing and will give them the basic fundamentals needed to start fencing and develop basic skills. The camp covers:

  • Safety rules and sportsmanship
  • Introduction to fencing etiquette
  • Basic eye-hand-foot work - salute, on-guard, advance, retreat, and lunge
  • Basic distance control
  • Basic parry combinations - six, four, eight, and seven​​

Summer Camps


     BEGINNER CAMP *                 INTERMEDIATE CAMP **               ADVANCED CAMP ***          




SWORD SESSIONs are going on every month...for more information see SWORD SESSIONS page.

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