Cannon Fencing Academy

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Beginner Fencing Program Costs

The cost of beginner level fencing program is $199.00 for a 6 private lesson package.

USA Fencing is the governing body of all fencing activity in the United States.  Per USA Fencing requirements, every fencer that registers for the beginner level must become a member of USA Fencing to be covered by insurance. New fencers should register here and show membership at the first class. Non-competitive USA Fencing membership costs  $10 per fencing season. Fencers can upgrade to the USA Fencing competitive membership level prior to first competition ($70 per season). Season goes from August 1 through July 31st.

The Beginner Program runs for 3-6 consecutive weeks with a minimum of six 20 min private lessons (or more) depending on how quickly the individual is learning the basic skills.

Program Duration

To participate in the program you should wear:

  • Long sport pants
  • Tennis shoes
  • T-shirt​

What to wear to practice?

​​Introduction to Fencing

The Beginner Program is provided for students of any age and physical condition who have never fenced before.  This fencing program introduces participants to the sport of fencing and will give them the basic fundamentals needed to start fencing and develop basic skills. The program covers:

  • Safety rules and sportsmanship
  • Introduction to fencing etiquette
  • Basic eye-hand-foot work - salute, on-guard, advance, retreat, and lunge
  • Basic distance control
  • Basic parry combinations - six, four, eight, and seven

Introduction to Fencing

​Beginner Program