Cannon Fencing Academy

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Advanced Class Material:

      1. Mental Preparation

      2. Physical Preparation

      3A.  Technical Actions - Footwork

​      3B.  Technical Actions - Blade Work

The Advanced Program is scheduled 2-3 times a week for the group class. Each group class is 1.5 hour long. At this level the fencers take once a week private lessons as well as part of the program.

During the class, the athlete works on advanced exercises and drills and will focus on intensive endurance, strength, speed, and agility workouts with a good portion of the time fencing against opponents at the advanced and competitive levels.

Fencers are encouraged to participate in open fencing at least couple of times a month. Fencing with stronger opponents provides invaluable experience and opportunities to learn.

Advanced Program Structure

Advanced Fencing Program Costs

The cost of Advanced Fencing Program is $295.00 per month.

USA Fencing is the governing body of all fencing activity in the United States.  Per USA Fencing requirements, every fencer that establishes membership with CFA must become a member of USA Fencing to be covered by insurance.  New fencers should register here and show membership at the first class.  Non-competitive USA Fencing membership costs  $10 per fencing season. Fencers can upgrade to the USA Fencing competitive membership level prior to first competition ($70 per season).  Season goes from August 1 through July 31st.

The Advanced Program starts after about 2 years of fencing, depending on athlete’s skills, physical and mental condition, and personal goals.

The coach assesses the fencer regularly and based on the athlete’s readiness recommend when to move on to the next level of competitive fencing. 

Program Duration

​​Advanced Fencing

The Advanced Program is designed for fencers who have completed the Intermediate Program in our club or a similar type of program in another fencing school.  Typically, a fencer at this level has a good skill set, confidence and has participated in at least one regional competition before joining this level.  The fencers at the Advanced Fencing Level Program improve:

  • Advanced foot and handwork
  • Fencing techniques and skills
  • Physical condition, such as endurance, speed and strength
  • Understanding of fencing tactics and strategies
  • Competence at competitions
  • Analysis of performance at competition

Introduction to Fencing

​Advanced Program